Scutchers Annexe

Long Melford, Suffolk (60SQM)


This example of a 2 bedroom bungalow, shows exactly how versatile the Mbloc system is. With very restricted access through a garden gate and side passage, based at the end of a 300ft garden, construction access was always going to give challenges during this build. However, with the ability to manually handle every piece of material and plant required to construct an Mbloc building we were able to overcome these challenges.

As our first build, it was a chance to use our new system and overcome anything that may delay construction in the future. Despite this, from breaking ground on day 1, we completed and the client was able to move in to his personally designed and adapted living space within 8 weeks. This was important due to his personal circumstances.

With this build taking place through the winter months, there was no time wasted in productivity due to weather. Mbloc can continue construction in all weathers ranging from snow and ice to very hot and dry weathers.

Being fully Part L compliant, a mortgage is attainable on this property along with low running costs due to the A-rated efficiency within the building and materials used.

"We needed a solution to our disabled father’s accommodation. As a customer of our restaurant I asked if Mbloc could help. We had plenty of room in the garden but access is very limited. This wasn't a problem with the Mbloc building, as everything can be taken on site with just 1 metre wide of access and a build estimate of just 9 weeks. I was a little apprehensive but true to their word, my father moved in just under 9 weeks later. The whole process was simple and we could specify the design to suit my father’s needs as he is wheelchair bound. The Mbloc construction is very well insulated and running costs are extremely low.

I am totally impressed with the concept of Mbloc and believe this is the way forward for affordable housing not just aimed at the disabled but anyone on a budget."  
Scutchers Restaurant