Mbloc on the move

Mbloc Mobile maintains the same efficiency as our Mbloc units but with the added bonus of being mobile, making it easy to relocate to any location.

3-year warranty

All Mbloc mobile builds come with a 3-year warranty, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind and giving you confidence in the build.

4 to 6 weeks to build

One of the unique aspects of Mbloc’s builds is the speed in construction. Each Mbloc unit takes between four to six weeks to complete.

Sustainable Build

Each unit incorporates a substantial level of insulation and comprises eco-friendly components, resulting in an energy and cost-efficient property.

Mbloc Mobile

Welcome to our latest innovation - Mbloc Mobile! Following the incredible success of our show home, we are thrilled to introduce this mobile venture. Mbloc Mobile is a unique and efficient structure that combines the excellence of our Show Home with the added benefit of mobility, enabling it to be effortlessly relocated to your preferred destination.

If you're curious and eager to learn more about this exciting development, don't hesitate to reach out to us. To give you a sneak peek into the features of Mbloc Mobile, check out our video tour.

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Accommodation Units for the Leisure Industry starting from £79,995

Key Features:
• Built in just 4-6 weeks
• Outstanding Eco credentials
• Affordable prices
• Fully bespoke and adaptable
• Finance and lease agreements available
Explore Additional Packages:
• Interiors supplied and installed
• Service connections
• Off-grid option

For further details and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.