Case Study
Mixergy: An integral partner in enhancing efficiency and excellence with Mbloc

A recent case study from Mixergy Ltd highlights our project at The Weeping Willow pub.

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“We were very impressed by the quality of service and support received throughout the installation process, from setting up the tanks to connecting it to the Wi-Fi App. We then maintained communication with our client to ensure the tanks were performing well after installation, and they expressed great satisfaction with their performance. Due to our positive experience with Mixergy, we expanded our usage of their cylinders, incorporating them into our New Concept Buildings as well as using the cylinders for our sister company in the Traditional Building sector. Mixergy cylinders have now become our preferred choice and are specified in all projects undertaken by our three companies, including our new renewables venture, All-In Renewables.”
Darren Howard, Founder & Director, Mbloc Ltd.


We are now an approved installer for pioneering hot water cylinder company Mixergy Ltd. Mixergy use unique, patented techniques to meet customers hot water requirements in the most ‘cost-effective, energy efficient and convenient’ way possible. Giving you complete comfort and control of when and how much hot water you have at any one time.