Suffolk - 1 Bedroom Dwelling


We are delighted to have completed our fifth residential Mbloc building, on a narrow plot that was previously part of the owner’s family garden.

The Client had already been interested and looking in to small / eco style homes, when an advertisement of our Mbloc Show Home was seen. They made contact with us to discuss further. Due to the Mbloc system being so versatile, quick, carbon friendly and suitable for bespoke design, this contributed to the Client’s decision to proceed with the build.

Having been involved from the very beginning, the Client was able to have significant input in the building’s design as well as all of the aesthetic finishes such as kitchen, bathroom, wall and floor finishes and also external finishes which enhanced the feeling of making the Mbloc their home.

This Mbloc in particular is unique to the others, as it is the first building we have incorporated an air to air system opposed to an ASHP and wet under floor heating. We have also trialled a new product which is more environmentally friendly and an innovative approach to hot water known as a Mixergy Tank. This tank is beneficial in a number of ways, particularly in its design of heating the water from the top downwards so that only the volume of hot water required is heated, minimising any wastage.

Each Mixergy tank has an onboard smart controller that connects the tank to the internet. This enables you to control the Mixergy tank via the Mixergy app in various ways such as identifying what is being used on a daily basis and also control the hot water by setting a schedule that accommodates each individual’s requirements.

We are over the moon that the Client is incredibly happy with their new home, they were a pleasure to work with and we wish them all the best for the future (please see testimonial below).