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Have you thought about building or replacing a current leisure home/recreational facility to something more modern, eco friendly and sustainable?

Mbloc has the ability to provide a range of both standard and bespoke design builds that can be used for various recreational and leisure purposes such as a garden gym, waterfront homes, woodland lodges and leisure and park homes. These New concepts meet the current building regulation requirements for new housing, come with a 10 year warranty and are maintenance free, evidently a perfect system and place to go and relax. Not only are the various concepts a quicker way of building, taking just 8 weeks to construct from the place of order, they are also incredibly eco friendly, green and sustainable, reducing the carbon footprint efficiently.

If you are interested or require further information, please see examples and below and do not hesitate to contact us.



Showhome →

Our showhome based in Sudbury, Suffolk


Single storey 2 bedroom property/annexe

Football Club →

Football Club and Community Facility

Waterfront Home →

Single storey 1 or 2 bed property

Garden Gym →

Recreational Facility

Garden Office →

Single Storey unit

Park Home →

Single Storey Retreat

Woodland lodge →

Single Storey 1 or 2 bed Property

Pool House →

Recreational Facility